July 2014 La Petite Parisienne Bellabox Review!



Who else smiles really happily when they come home to a lovely blue box of Bellabox goodies? ME!^^ Taking a selfie first before opening the boxful of great samples that I’ve been looking forward to after touching down in Singapore!


I’ve heard many great reviews about this line of skincare from Loreal. Friends have told me that it does really firm up the skin and boost the radiance of the skin in just a few weeks. I’ve yet to try this as of now but I’m excited to be able to do so soon!



I NEED TO GET THIS, PRONTO! This body scrub from Collistar retails at about $70 fir the full sized. It’s kinda steep but hey, once you’ve tried this you’d know why. It’s quite on par with the Laura Mercier bath scrubs that I love. Well, you pay for what you get! Was very happy to have tried this out in the shower! Baby smooth skin plus an amazing shower experience!


I’ve gone through bottles of this and I can vouch for the effectiveness of the Lierac Sensory Oil. It keeps my tanned skin looking and feeling healthy and smooth, so much that even my friends who’re in Las Vegas with me commented on my even glowing tan! :)




This Lollipops Glossy Lipstick in Fatal Cocktail is paraben-free, preservative and lanolin free. The colour looks amazing as seen in the above swatch against a lip balm. It’s a peachy orange with pinkish hues that makes the lips look beautiful for the summer season now. My go-to coral lipstick. Sorry YSL lippies, this one wins my vote for best summer coral lippie in my collection. Who would’ve thought, right? Retails at $27! Great job, Bellabox, for including this beautiful lipstick for the makeup junkies! <3



Because a girl can never have enough cute stickers to decorate her endless belongings. I love these! Very sweet (pun intended) and pretty! I’m making macarons soon, so these will come in handy for some pretty treats box decoration :) Loving all things girly~




Let’s take a moment to thank the creators of GlamGlow masks. I’m such a huge fan now ever since the skin sephora girl at Caesars Palace back in Las Vegas generously gave me all the samples from the entire range. I’ll just name them by the colour of the packaging so that it’s easier for you to understand and identify which is which. Their names are a little to confusing for me to remember, so colour coding will do for now :) The black one has more scrubby bits, which makes it more ideal for deep exfoliating and if you’ve got thick, flaky skin in need for some thorough exfoliation. This mask is the driest among the entire range. The white one, is greta for those with acne because it has AHAs and BHAs to deeply purify the skin and promote higher rate of skin renewal. So, getting these two in the Bellabox was such a joy because I can never have enough of these babies. I’ve the full sized green version one, that’s mud and oil in one, and I’ll be doing more in-depth reviews and comparisons once I’m done trying all 4 full sized ones. Granted, they’re quite an investment at S$92 each, and internationally they are priced the same at all Sephora’s, unless you have a BOGO festive coupon towards the end of the year. The blue one, that’s called Thirsty Mud, is amazing too. I’ve never tried a thick brown gel-based mask that hydrates my skin so well to the point where my flaky dry skin immediately became bouncy and soft in 20 minutes. The eye masks from GlamGlow are great too, but my face needs more help now, so I’ll invest in the blue one first.

In short, I’m just so glad that Bellabox included these awesome products for subscribers to try out. These are even better than the Cellilux masks that I’ve tried and raved about. I was skeptical at first, but now I’m a huge fan.



Ending off my day with a sophisticated fragrance :)


Hope this review gives you a better insight of my thoughts of this month’s Bellabox! Bellaboxes just get better and better each month, even my sister who wasn’t a fan at first has told me that recently :) It’s a dangerous thing now to open my monthly boxes in front of her. My sample products are at risk of being taken away :D

Sharing is caring, isn’t it? :)

Have a great week ahead, beautifuls!




June 2014 Haul of Fame Bellabox Review!





Well, this mascara needs no introduction, does it! I love using this mostly for my bottom lashes as it really  gives a dramatic effect to every single lash! It’s got a plastic bristle wand that’s great for lash separation and building up volume form the second coat onwards. I’m not very impressed with this mascara because of the rather wet formula for the top lashes, but overall, it’s a great mascara for the lower lashes which need heavier mascara formulas to weigh them down and thicken them up!




Well, my sis and I had to decide who gets this adorable mini lip balm :D it looks cute and it really does moisturise the lips without leaving a sticky film! Love love love!


As with all Bellaboxes, I always find a top favourite and head out to buy the full sized. This pore control version of the famous Laneige BB Cushion is my new foundation favourite, except that i’ll now need the darkest shade to match my bronzy tan from being scorched in Las Vegas for the past month :) Oil control is great and the finish looks great in person and in photos. I’m hoping that the darker shades have more yellow undertones to it to better match my tan now! *fingers crossed*



Belief products have always helped my skin. I keep running out of them because I love their products very much! It’s great for acne-prone skin and the best thing is that almost all products leave your skin feeling very fresh and clean. No sticky feeling and no overwhelming fragrance! Just a tad expensive, IMHO.



Again, my sis and I have been loving this tub of goodness so much that we’re contemplating on each getting a full sized version ^^



Overall, this June 2014 Bellabox has been great for me. I had great finds and I rediscovered favourites that I had long forgotten due to the growing stash of products that I have been trying out to being you beautiful people better beauty reviews. It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged right? My apologies, I’ve been away in Las Vegas and across the US for school, so these 2 months have really been hectic.

Hope this review has helped you gain some interests in the products that I love! :)

Stay beautiful!




Etude House Presents Play 101 Pencil! My Review!





Lighten your makeup pouch with the multi-functional Etude House Play 101 Pencil to achieve limitless makeup styles!

The agony of hauling a bulky makeup pouch in the handbag resonates with many women. And there is nothing more annoying than finding crushed makeup smearing all over while rifling through the pouch. With this in mind, Etude House revolutionises the whole cosmetic industry by introducing its latest creation – Play 101 Pencil.


This coveted cosmetic collection boasts an assortment of 50 vivid gel-based colour pencils with 13 of them available in Singapore, which functions as eye liners, brow pencils, shadows, concealers, blushers, lipsticks and even highlighters for busy women to conveniently mix and match to create a full makeup look effortlessly. Available in five different textures – Creamy, Matte, Glossy, Shimmering and Glitter, each Play 101 Pencil is designed to be user-friendly and perfect for beginners to have fun experimenting with it to achieve their desirable makeup styles – from au naturel to smoky or sweet to glamorous.


It is time to leave the regular chunky palettes at home and bid goodbye to heavy makeup pouches. Play 101 Pencil is what every woman needs to satisfy her colour lust and take her from the office to that fabulous party.


Price: S$12.00 each. Play 101 Pencil is NOW AVAILABLE at all Etude House Singapore stores.



Prior to receiving this package, I’d bought a couple of the browns and shimmery pinks in within this Play 101 Pencil range when I was shopping in Korea in early June. The pencils all come with a sharpener at the end, which makes sharpening really convenient. The lead isn’t too soft to the point that it breaks, so it’s a huge plus for me since many of the cosmetic pencils I have have lead that’re too creamy to withstand thorough sharpening. The shades are very vivid and glide on easily. The swatches show the intensity of the colours, don’t they? :)

I’ve been using these pencils all day for 6 weeks and counting, and I ABSOLUTELY love them. I always have an entire bundle beside my makeup stash because they can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips!


Here, I used the browns in 48 & 50 for soft eye lining effect and the shimmery pinks (I can’t recall which ones) for the inner tear duct highlight. Cupid’s bow highlight was using the same shimmery colours too. Lips wise, it’s the shade in 20, which looks so stunning in person! I use it as an eyeliner for a pop of colour on my fun and flirty days ^^

I highly recommend these genius products that’re so budget-friendly and easy to use! Go swatch them at the Etude House stores and be ready to invest in a couple that’ll soon become your makeup staples too :)




My Quest Bar purchases from The Fitness Grocer!


Well well, my love for Quest Bars^^ these just come in so handy as a post workout snack! My favourite now is the cookies and cream one! All the bars are about 160-180 kcal each and are high in fibre, low in sugar and do not contain gluten containing ingredients. I have found my body to bloat up slightly whenever I consume higher amounts of gluten, so this protein bar is really ideal for my busy lifestyle at school. Ask anyone who’s eaten a Quest Bar and they’ll tell you that it’s one of the best, if not most likely the best, protein bar that they’ve ever tasted. I’ve raved about these yummy bars in my previous Quest Bars review, but in this post, I’m gonna share with you about my shopping experience with The Fitness Grocer.

Excellent customer service – checked. Text message sent to my phone prior to delivery! Now, how many local online stores actually do this? am impressed :)

Items delivered in pristine condition – checked

Items sold at a very reasonable price compared to other competitors – checked

Fast delivery – checked, checked! I had to rush this order as I wanted to pass this to a friend before I left for Las Vegas. Was just so impressed with the speedy delivery within less than 48 hours in a nice brown paper bag with the shop logo. Professional, I like ^^

A huge variety of health foods sold in the same online store – checked

Ease of payment – checked


I paid for these Quest Bars myself and am not paid to do this review. I’ve had such a good experience with this e-store that I had to share this on my blog. The owner’s very friendly too!

Hop over to browse through their new arrivals!

<< The Fitness Grocer>>




Elizabeth Arden Product Reviews!




Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD Eau Legere is an Eau de Toilette that smells similar to its original UNTOLD EDP, and supposedly celebrates and highlights different aspects of femininity; this time mostly brilliant vibrancy, spontaneity and natural femininity.

Untold Eau Légère is an airy and vibrant floral composition which opens with a mixture of grapefruit, pink pepper, black currant buds and green apple. Its middle notes capture flowers of purple freesia and peony pink. The base is made of patchouli, sandalwood, amber and musk.

This is one of my favourite scents to wear in the day and it seems to be a hit among my guy friends in school as I’ve often complimented whenever I’ve this fragrance on me. It isn’t as light as the usual EDTs that are in the market, and certainly doesn’t dissipate as quickly as other departmental EDTs. There’s depth to the scent as it’s got musk in its base note and from what I have read online, having musk as one of the base notes does make the fragrance far more long lasting. I’d repurchase this over the original UNTOLD just because it’s more suitable for my 20′s age group :)

IMG_9091 IMG_9088 IMG_9089

This 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden serves more as a night time moisturiser for the face, and is lavender scented for subtle aromatherapy before application. Instructions on the pamphlet have advised users to rub the product through the palms of the hands and then taking a deep breath of the lavender fragrance that’s in the product. Personally, I find the scent a little too light for my taste, but then again, it’s a facial cream so less is definitely more in this case. I like using this on my jawline which sometimes flake from the dry weather from travelling. Given the very high humidity in Singapore, I would advise against smearing this product over the face as the skin might get too oily throughout the night. However, if you already have dry and dehydrated skin, this product will definitely be of help to you to keep scratchy dry skin at bay.


The first Elizabeth Arden perfume that I’d tried was actually the original Green Tea version of this perfume. I actually prefer this version that’s infused with Yuzu orange, as the citrus notes just scream summer and happy days to me whenever I get a whiff of it. This fragrance is very suited for young teens as it’s not overly powering. It’s also one of my younger sister’s top picks among her day perfume collection. It’s very affordable, pretty and refreshing!



Now, this 5 minute facial by Elizabeth Arden is pretty incredible. The first step consists of a self-foaming mask that oxygenates upon application to the skin. It deeply cleanses and can even remove light makeup. There are fruit acids included in the concoction but it isn’t as harsh as a chemical peel that’ll definitely leave your skin looking parched and red afterwards. Instead, it is a deep cleanser that tingles the skin for 2 full minutes with layer of fine bubbles which later die down to a gel film-like layer. Wash it off and you’ll be left with smooth skin that glows. Those with acne issues should only use this product if the acne wounds aren’t weeping and open. The second step involves applying the replenishing serum that has essential ceremides to nourish the skin. This step is to be done before a serum is applied. Think of it as a post-deep cleansing vitamin supplement. I saw greater clarity in my skin in about 1 month with twice a week usage. Too busy to get a derma’s appointment to get your chemical peel? Try this 5 minute facial regiment! Many have raved about it and I totally second their reviews.

Hope these have helped you to discover more new finds from Elizabeth Arden! It’s such an incredible brand that’s got dermatologists and doctor’s stamp of approval all of the years!