Bellabox Jan 2015 Reveal: The Beauty Spot!


As with every Bellabox, a BURST of colours before my eyes! I couldn’t wait to dive in!


Well, Mane and Tail hair care products have been on so many blogs and magazine articles that it’d caught my attention a year ago and had me interested enough to try these babies out. What’s the verdict? While it did give my hair a heck lot of healthy shine, it really didn’t do much for the hydration levels of my hair. My hair is colour treated, and so, I guess that’s kinda the main reason why I’m just not a fan of this brand. It didn’t work for me, but sure did wonders for my fellow girl friends who’d virgin healthy hair! If you’ve the same kind of hair as they do, then this will be a good addition to your haircare routine.


Biore is a brand that I always go to when I’m at Watsons. Its cleansing properties to remove makeup and dirt is amazing. I’m glad that Biore finally came out with a micellar cleansing water in addition to their popular range of makeup removal products. As with all of their star products, this one here deserves a thumbs up too. I LIKE IT ^^


I’ve always wondered why I’ve never jumped on the bandwagon of raving about Belief’s products. Every single time I get a sample from them, I just get so impressed with the instant hydration that it provides for my skin. I’m definitely going to repurchase the moisturising bomb from Belief. It’s one of the best water based hydrating creams that I’ve used so far!


These are leave-on hair serum ampoules from MedaDita. The pink one is my favourite as it gave my hair such a beautiful sheen while being really lightweight on my hair! The formulation could’ve been done better in the scent aspect, it’s too overpowering for me, but the results on my hair was good enough to keep me from disliking this product.



Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumising Mascara claims to give your lashes major length and volume to lift up your eyes all day without any smudging at all. And guess what, IT’S TRUE! I had it on for 14 hours and had zero smudges throughout the day! It’s that kind of mascara paste that leaves a film on the lashes. It gives a semi-matte finish on the lashes, which I didn’t exactly like because I’m more used to mascaras with matte jet black layers on my lashes instead. However, the longevity of the wear is commendable and I do foresee myself using this mascara often.

Collistar’s body products have always been my favourite to use. Was definitely pleased to have this sample included!

The Bellabox Pencil pouch that’s included is cute, isn’t it? :) I love the polka dots and bright turquoise! What a happy little dainty pouch to have in my bag :)

Did you enjoy your Jan Bellabox too? :)




Trilogy Skincare Review: Mineral Radiance Mask & Blemish Control Gel



I’ve been wanting to try Trilogy skincare products for the longest time after seeing many UK based skincare gurus raving about them. After 6 weeks of product testing, I’m now ready to give my two cents worth about these two products. The Mineral Radiance Mask is a clay based mask with deep cleansing properties, coupled with hydrating and soothing functions through a concussion of rose hip essential oils in the formulation. It’s of a rich creamy consistency that spread like butter on the face and I guarantee zero stinging felt when applied over irritated blemish spots :) Using this during the time of the month where all hell breaks loose on your skin? No fear :)



It’s best to use a wash cloth, or in my case, I used a muslin cloth, dampened, to remove the mask when it’s dried down on the skin after 10-15 minutes. It’s not a miracle mask that gives instant results, but it certainly one that will improve the skin’s clarity and reduce overall redness in the skin overtime. It will stain any fabric that is used for removal, so use something that you wouldn’t mind staining. Overall, this is one of my favourite go-to deep cleansing masks to use every alternate day as it is very gentle on the skin and doesn’t smell bad at all!




I have to be honest and say that I didn’t like this product for the first two weeks of using it. It simply didn’t do anything for my blemishes until week 3, when suddenly it just seemed to work really well on the blemishes on my jawline. I have found this product to work best on breakouts that are small and inflamed on the surface, rather than those deep sore ones caused by hormones. This is rather typical of any acne treatment product with salicylic acid in the formulation. I like this formula better than many that I’ve ever tried as it’s got ginger and mandarin in it too, which makes any inflammation go down faster than normal with minimal peeling of the skin. I always had doubts about natural skincare, but I guess with quality natural skincare, when they say it’ll work, it really will.



Three cheers to clear skin! I’m excited to try more Trilogy products soon and I’ll be posting more about them here when I do get my hands on them! :)



Review: Facials at Ecorganics Beauty


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IMG_2335 IMG_2336

Located just beside Ecorganics Hair Salon, I decided to give Ecorganics Beauty’s Detox and Whitening Facial sessions a shot :)  I’d the Detox session first, followed by the Whitening Facial 10 days after as advised by Crystal, the founder and leading beautician of Ecorganics. The skincare range used on my skin was an organic skincare range from France called Phyt’s. Prior to this facial, I’d been given a few full sized products to try from Phyt’s, such as the Cream Cleanser, Lip Balm, Toner and Whitening cream. It totally slipped my mind to take a photo of these amazing organic skincare products before I’d tossed the empty packaging into the bin, but I dare say that they have made my skin feel and look so much better than it was before. With no preservatives, no alcohol and the absence of all crazy skincare chemicals, all products from Phyt’s have impressed me. While gentle on the skin, it treats problem areas such as dehydration, spot lightening, as well as soothing irritated skin. Anyway, back to the facials themselves, here’re what was used on my skin for the two facial sessions:

gamme White bio active Equilibre

I was advised by Crystal to go for this pack as I’ve combination skin type. Each vial is used entirely on my face and cannot be kept for further reuse. Why? No preservatives at all!


My skin was left feeling really clean and smooth, and I definitely had less breakouts thereafter. I’d also left the venue with absolutely no makeup at all as I felt confident of my bare skin then :) Facials usually make my skin feeling red and sore, and I’d been warned by two of my dermatologists to not ever try commercial kinds of facials after the bouts of antibiotics that I’d to take after those sessions. My skin does not favour any sort of harsh exfoliating or cleansing done at commercial facial venues. I’d just suffer from red and itchy skin after that and would have to go on medication to clear the skin allergy up. For both sessions at Ecorganics, none of these sort had happened! It’s both a great relief and joy for me! Finally, a place to go for quality facials that are genuinely gonna help cleanse my skin and do my skin some good!

White Bio Active

For the whitening facial, it’s amazing. As I do have freckles on my cheeks, whitening has been my focus on the past few years. Though I think that freckles sorta look cute on me, but yet again as a beauty blogger who has her face shown here in almost every single post, I do get really self conscious of those patches of brown spots on my cheeks. This facial had helped to lighten them by about 1-2 shades within a single session! I don’t have photos here to visually justify the before and after since my phone’s getting all wonky and faulty. new iPhone 6 plus, on tuesday – more photos of before and after to be included, i promise!


A special mention to this product called Naturoderm from Phyt’s. Dang, whatever this concoction is, it’s been absolutely mind-blowing. I bought this because Crystal mentioned that her client had told her that after a few times of application, this had actually helped to remove her stubborn blackheads with just a swipe of the tissue against her nose! Plus, it did help to reduce the severity of breakouts too. Being a skincare product junkie, I paid S$48 for this and I am very very happy to have this in my skincare stash. This has been my secret weapon to having clear skin :)


This is my FOTD for my family’s photo taking session :) Just a thin layer of foundation and concealer. The red lip was totally necessary to match my red graduation gown. I was really happy to have clear radiant skin on set! ^^

Thank you Ecorganics Beauty for helping me achieve this! ^^



REVEAL: Hello Betty BlackBox!

IMG_2485 IMG_2486

** all items shown here (except for the Za mascara) are supposed to be in travel sized portions. These full sized items are kindly sponsored by Za Singapore for my introduction and review :)



The Aqua Label mask shown in the photo above has become my favourite for the past week! Just 5-10mins a day! The mask isn’t overly saturated with the skincare essence too :) The eye patches are supposed to be laid over the eye lids, but I decided to give my under eye areas more TLC for this shot ^^

The Aqua Label Enhancer WT has made such a positive difference to my skincare routine! As instructed on the bottle, I’m supposed to use this product after the Aqua Label Emulsion. I did so for the first week, though feeling a little skeptical as to how a clear liquid could possibly make any difference to my skin after applying a layer of emulsion prior to that. Well, I’ve been proven wrong and I’m glad to give a thumbs up review rating for this best selling product of Aqua Label. It has eradicated all the dry patches on my cheeks and has restored my skin to its original healthy state. I’m a happy girl! ^^

The Betty mascara from Za is also my go-to favourite mascara to use now because it’s got AMAZING volumizing properties when applied to the lashes. I don’t wear any false eyelashes nowadays ever since I’d gotten my natural lashes permed. With just two coats of this mascara, my lashes are good to go for photoshoots. As with many Za mascaras that I have tried, the formula improves over time since the contact with air does dry the mascara paste out a little, which then results in a very even layer of mascara over each lash. I love the packaging too! Anything black and hot pink is right up my alley :)

The Ma Cherie shampoo and conditioner needs no introduction – almost every beauty blogger out there has tried these babies and I’d say that most of us have fallen in love with its sweet floral scent!


Sunshine smiles for you! ^^

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For all my readers here, here’s an exclusive discount code for you! ^^

This is a limited edition Blackbox, while stocks last!

Stay beautiful!~



Embroidered Brows & Permed Lashes at Browtisan by Coco!



I was back at Browtisan by Coco to do my brows and get my natural lashes permed. As a very busy working adult, I really don’t have the luxury of time to spend more than 10minutes on my an entire face in the mornings. As such, these beauty sessions were something that I’d always wanted to go for. Trust me, a good pair of brows and a set of permed fluttery lashes would save you so much trouble making up early in the morning.





Numbing cream on for 30 minutes. Excited to reshape my brows :) Eyebrow embroidery usually lasts 6 months or so, before touch ups are needed. I just wanted to have straighter brows as my natural set of brows are more arched. Coco was skilled enough to increase the height of my brows at the first third portion and straighten the arch at the second third portion. I trust her skills as I’ve had all my brows and lashes done by her and have been a satisfied happy girl after every session. Her schedule is pretty packed already, so do call Browtisan up for an appointment asap if you’re interested :)


Coco and myself. The brows will be a lot darker on the first day and will gradually fade. I don’t have any makeup on in this photo so you can see the real effect of having a set of groomed brows on a bare face. :) Well…yeah, that’s how I look like without makeup :)



A set of cling-wrap like plasters will be given, in addition to a vial of a gel to help heal the little incision wounds. It sounds scary but really, the slight tingle fades in just 24 hours. After that you won’t even feel a thing until you apply the wound repair gel. I love that gel, works amazingly well on my skin!

To watch close up video of my brows after the entire procedure, you may visit this link:





Changed my hair colour to a darker shade to match my brows ^^ Yup, those are my natural lashes after perming done at Browtisan! No mascara needed! I do have long lashes but they point straight down and are very resistant to curl whenever I use my eyelash curler. I no longer need to spend time curling my lashes and smearing my eyeliner all over my lids in the process of doing so! I love that I get to wake up to a set of brows that frames my face well. These brows are just as they are, with nothing filled in. The effect is very natural and soft, especially after Day 3.



These are my lashes and brows on Day 4 :) I absolutely love them! ^^ Visit Browtisan today to book your appointment with them! They’re the best beauty place to go to for lashes and brows. I’ve been to so many and paid hundreds, yet nothing comes close to theirs. :)

Browtisan FB Page