Sexy Look Micro Inject Series – HYDRATION Mask review

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The Latest Technology in Japan – Double penetration effect with skin friendly natural fibre and precise ergonomic design, too! Unique hydronet helps pump up skin to look younger and healthier.

Product Name Sexy Look Micro Inject Series – HYDRATION Mask
Retail Price sold at and drugstores
***This is a sponsored product. However, all views and opinions are of my own. I do not earn any commission from doing this review or from any referral sales of this product.
The Good 1)   Thin mask sheet that clings very well to the skin, meaning that shorter time is needed for the essence to penetrate into the skin. You can already see how translucent it is from the photo above! Very high quality material :) 

2)   Great for those who don’t have time to spend 20mins on mask application. This series of masks works just as well (for me, at least) even if you put it on for only 10mins, due to its thin facial sheet material.

3)   No parabens in the formula! Great for those with sensitive skin. With less preservatives, the formula won’t aggravate skin that is already irritated or is easily irritated by chemicals.

4)   Mask sheet is well drenched in the serum, but isn’t dripping wet on the face upon application. One of the best masks from SexyLook, in my opinion.

5)   Hydration levels in my skin improved after removing this mask. Especially when my skin becomes taut after cleansing. I’m going through a phase of dry skin right now so this mask has been helping!


The Bad 1)   The mouth cut out of the mask should be improved to one that wraps around the lips more snugly. It’s just a thinner strip across the cupid’s bow area and piece around the chin area doesn’t fit as well as I thought it would. Perhaps this mask sheet was designed for more oval and longer face shapes with much thicker lips. 
Overall Rating   4.0 out of 5
Will I repurchase this? Yup. It tough to find sheet masks without any parabens in their formulas. I would have given more points if the mask sheet was better designed like Lovemore’s. The formula isn’t as thick as Lovemore’s though, so it penetrates faster into the skin. I personally prefer Lovemore masks overall, but this range is the best out of all the SexyLook masks that I have tried so far. My face shape tends to favour Lovemore mask sheets more so that’s just a personal preference :) 


Lovemore Water Beauty Series – Thermal Water Brightening Mask Review

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New Upgrade – The mask is formulated with triple moisture-lock for long-lasting hydration and moisturizing. Mask sheet is thinner and essence is more generous!

roduct Name Lovemore Thermal Water Brightening Mask
Retail Price sold at and drugstores
***This is a sponsored product. However, all views and opinions are of my own. I do not earn any commission from doing this review or from any referral sales of this product.
The Good 1)   Very thin 10% cotton mask that fits very closely to the skin. Doesn’t slip off at all!2)   30g of serum packed in one mask – adequately drenches the mask sheet with a little remnants for application on the neck and shoulder areas3)   Does brighten the skin, after about 3 consecutive uses ; gentle thus results are gradually shown.

4)   Mask sheet is cut to fit the mouth and eyes areas really well, no awkward proportions


The Bad 1)   Not very ideal for those who want intensive brightening effects after just one mask usage. You’d need a really strong formula for that kind of result, which may irritate the skin in the long run.
Overall Rating   3.5 out of 5
Will I repurchase this? Yup. I love how my skin feels after taking off this mask and makeup adheres to my skin really well after that. The serum doesn’t leave a film on the skin upon drying and is totally absorbed into the skin within 5 minutes of removing the mask. 



REVEAL: Innovative Beauty April Bellabox 2014!






I scanned this QR code and it linked me straight to the Bellabox online store! If you haven’t been there to shop for goodies yet, do head over now! It’s packed with lots of great skincare, haircare and accessories items at affordable prices! Even more so when they’ve got discounts! Sometimes even up to 50-70%! #shoppinghaven



Milk beauty cotton. I was skeptical before I used these two products together. I WAS SO WRONG! The cotton is really fluffy, smooth and SO SOFT! Oh my, now I understand why a small pack of these are at $1.50! The White Milk II is like an emulsion toner, you swipe it over your face with a soaked cotton pad and then TADAH~ your skin feels very clean and baby smooth. At $82 per bottle, it’s still kinda steep for a student like me but hey, once I start working, I’ll definitely consider using Albion products!


Waterproof volumizing mascara! I haven’t used this yet so I’m unable to comment about it. Looks promising though!


Skinfood samples! The brand always has pretty good products, so I’m crossing my fingers that these two won’t break my skin out!


THIS SMELLS LIKE SWEET COCONUT! <3 It’s not the stinky, overly sweet and artificial kind of scent, just something that you would smell of from….coconut ice cream milk shake? Dry Shampoo, I have that in my bag all the time! Life saver when the hair gets a lil oily and craycray. Life of a beauty blogger, gotta look your best at events for all those fun selfies and photos :)


I’ve been using rose hip oil as a body moisturiser for about a year now. I’m really serious when it comes to putting lotions and oils on my body because I have very sensitive skin that leans to the drier side. Anything that isn’t made from over 90% natural tends to get thrown into the bin after a month of use. This one’s 100%, so that’s a great start!



As with all supplements, you do have to drink a lot more water, at least 20% more than your average 8 glasses a day. This supplement does make you thirsty, so caution to all ladies trying this out! I’m on my first day of 2 capsules/day, so I’ll review this again if it really does work after 20days!

Bellabox has done it again with their awesome selection of products! Best bellabox for me so far!


Happy Easter Collection from Lush Cosmetics & Vitamin Infused Water!



Isn’t it awesome to wake up to a lovely scented parcel full of Lush goodness?? Thank you Lush Sg for sending over all these goodies! Here’s a list of what I got:

  1. Golden Egg bath bomb melt, a unique and exciting ballistic inspired by Cadbury’s chocolate cream eggs. This bath bomb is coated in a bath melt, soft on the outside, with a hard inner core; making it the first of it’s kind. It possesses a delicious honey-toffee fragrance too! MAJOR LOVES!
  2. Carrot hand and body soap, a vegan soap that is shaped like a carrot and smells of tropical juice. Made with moisturising carrot seed oil and skin-softening Fair Trade cocoa butter, this luxurious blend of ingredients will supposedly soften your skin and leave it smelling like buchu and lemon. 
  3. Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bars: a collection of bubble bars that create a tropical bathing experience. tropically scented water. Made up of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils to create a blackcurranty and refreshing fragrance.
  4. The Brightside bubble bar, inspired by the cheerful Monty Python song. Containing an uplifting trio of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils, this bubble bar is a luxurious sherbert-scented beauty. This bar made it’s debut for last year’s Easter range and made such an impression, that it’s been brought back again. The bubble bar is huge, and possibly the best value out of the entire range; it could easily supply you with four tubs full of soft, citrusy bubbles.

I use my bubble bars and bath bombs as room fresheners since I don’t own a bath tub. MY ROOM SMELLS LIKE LUSH NOW! And I have 5 other bath bombs on display with it too. An entire big bowl of Lush bath bombs and bubble bars to keep my mood happy and jolly~ :)




Vitamin infused water. So many people have been going crazy over flavouring their water to make it more tasty these days. I prefer the au natural way, so fruits FTW! My favourite combination is grapefruit, orange, cucumbers and mint leaves. I don’t have that combination here but I highly recommend that citrus mix for a quick pick me up throughout the day. Ditch the mid day coffee. It makes you bloated in your tummy and adds unnecessary calories to your diet, unless you’re going for a Long Black or Americano. You’ll have to finish those yummy fruits after you’re done with the jar of yummy water, so that’s gonna give your body an extra boost in fibre intake! Soak the fruits in for 2-4 hours before consumption, and MAKE SURE THE FRUITS ARE ORGANIC if you’re intending to soak the fruit slices with the skin on. You don’t want to be drinking pesticide infused water! Also, add in distilled water for a higher quality vitamin infused water.

Hope that these tips will help you to kickstart healthy eating habits!



UNLV Green Carnival 2014 with Lush Cosmetics & Apivita!





I was so happy when Lush Cosmetics Singapore agreed to be part of my school’s humble Green Carnival event! For those who don’t already know, I’m currently studying Hotel Administration at UNLV Singapore! :) The school’s at a pretty prime location at the National Library Building, so yeah, the carnival was held in a comfy cozy air conditioned student lounge!

CAN YOU SPOT ROSE JAM?! gosh, that’s one my holy grail favourites from Lush. It only launches once a year so I always stock up. It’s 50% off for all those that you see there. FIFTY PERCENT~! I almost did a happy dance there. :D



Thank you Lush Cosmetics Singapore for the awesome goodie bag for our top games prize! So many good stuff! Limited edition ones too!



Shop and eat away!~ A few hundred of us walking in and out, collecting our free samples, complimentary food from the tickets sold, etc. The carnival’s theme is to be green and sustainable, so everything from food to merchandise are all sourced from eco-friendly or sustainable sources. Going green is the new youth movement!

IMG_8307Congratulations to Francesca for winning the top games prize! Your Lush goodie bag was highly sought after by many girls in UNLV ^^



How can I miss a fun shot with the pretty and fun Lush girls?! They’re such an amazing bunch to hang out with during the carnival, so jolly and happy! Happy girls are the prettiest girls, indeed! xx



The Apivita team at the carnival! Apivita is one of my go-to all natural skincare/haircare brand. The brand’s from Greece and they have an extensive range of products ranging from sun protection, haircare, skincare, soy candles (THESE ARE AMAZING! I blogged about them before here :) ) and more. They have two outlets at vivo city and ion orchard, so do head down to check them out! Their lip balms are great for those who have severely chapped lips or have very dry lips from medication.





Congratulations to Choon Sze for winning the other top games prize from Apivita! The products are great!








Some fun shots with my friends! It’s a really fun day out at school helping out at the carnival and catching up with friends. School is always better with great friends to be around with :) Am always thankful to be blessed with such supportive friends!

Many thanks to Lush and Apivita for participating in the Green Carnival! <3

I’m already looking forward to their future events and parties! Lots of new products are gonna be launching soon!