Say hello to SUPER 10, with all the boxes priced at $10!


We just received some inside news to what Black Box is up to recently. Apparently, they really have something up their sleeves. Some of you might have already noticed the little changes done to the bi-monthly boxes, so let’s wait and see. I smell something here and I can’t wait to find out what it is!

To something that’s more exciting for all of us today – Say hello to SUPER 10!

The Black Box team just put together 3 LIMITED EDITION boxes for the month of October, and what’s unique about these boxes are that they have a different superhero character that represents the personality of each box (I, for one could relate to one of the boxes). So which tickles your fancy?



Let’s take a look at my SUPER 10 box, I got Sapphire Wonder!

girl power! ^^

girl power! ^^

Sapphire Wonder: “Girls will save the world, we can make bad men good, and weak woman strong. Put me to test and I can do wonders.”



Battling the recent haze pollution? This face pack from Neem as been a life saver for my oily T-zone! Deep cleansing action to keep my skin looking its best everyday! ^^


I’ve went through 3 bottles of the Nivea in-shower skin conditioner (the blue bottle one) prior to trying this and I must say that this one is my new preferred in-shower skin conditioner! Nivea makes the best value-for-money lotions and skin conditioners, IMHO :)


I love this lip balm! I’ve gone through about 3 of these :) This is my fav shade! Smells sweet and fruity and looks very pretty on the lips! Great edition to the box! :)



Hada Labo products have always been great for my skin, and they have been a staple in my skincare regime whenever my skin feels parched. You gotta buy this box to try these samples! And you get other cool samples to try too! Why not? :)


Want fairer skin in 2 weeks? This miracle white lotion from Klarity is really good! I’ve tried several samples before and found it to be really useful as a base to brighten the skin and improve overall uneven skintone gradually. With SPF in it too, it’s even better!

SUPER 10 Sapphire Wonder box, together with 2 other variants, Beauty Beast and Iron Amber, are available at Black Box Qoo10 store or E-Store at $10 each.

Can’t decide on which to buy? Why not get all 3, at a special price of $25!









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REVEAL: October 2014 Bellabox – Bday Blowout !



does anyone feel as happy as I do whenever it’s the week of Bellabox deliveries? :D I do! :D


Looking for a high quality sunscreen that doesn’t make your face white and even has skincare benefits included? Yup, this sunscreen from Spectraban does it really well! I use this mainly on my legs because they’re the most tanned part of my body and I’m trying my best to reduce sun damage on them. This sunscreen is not sticky at all and doesn’t leave an annoying residue that clings onto every inch of dust or fabric. I like it!


Physiogel has been a favourite in my household for years. I always switch to their products whenever I get a rash from being in contact from detergents.


Ooh, Skinbiotics? I was delighted to see their samples in the Bellabox as I’ve heard quite a bit about their skin supplement pills. Fancl ones were my favourite but ever since they withdrew from the market (I was heartbroken then :( ) , I haven’t found any skincare supplement that could match the effectiveness of theirs. I’m excited to give these a try!


The Creme Universelle was a stand-out for me as it’s moisturising yet lightweight on the skin. I use it mainly for my hands, which are in dire need of some TLC. I wasn’t too impressed with the other two samples but hey, that’s the beauty of product sampling – give all products a shot and find out what you like, and don’t like! :) Then purchase your favourites from the Bellabox Store or retail stores as mentioned in the product card included in the box :)


I’d reviewed these babies here sometime last year! Check this link to find out more :)


To be entirely honest, I don’t know why Benefit’s They’re Real push-up liner just doesn’t work for me. My friends have had incredible results from using that product but on my lids, they just didn’t make the cut. As for Benefit’s stay don’t stray primer, it’s slowly growing on me, especially since I’ve been noticing the increased longevity of my concealer around my eyes. We’ll see :)


A shoutout to Bellabox SG – Happy Birthday! :D It’s been a delightful journey watching this amazing company grow, dedicating itself to offering quality sample products to all subscribers. Sure, there might be some hits and misses for everyone due to different preferences, but overall, I must say that Bellabox here in Singapore is doing quite a good job! The quality packaging of the boxes have been wonderful and so have the samples given. I do have my favourite boxes but regardless of the contents, I always enjoy looking forward to mid month Bellabox deliveries! Ah, the joys of being a girl ^^

If you haven’t subscribed or would like to give Bellabox a shot, find out more here -

Stay beautiful!~



Quality Natural Korean Skincare ISOI Review!


The high quality natural Korean skincare brand, isoi, finally reaches shelves in Singapore and is available exclusively from specialist organic retailer, bud Cosmetics. Known for its efficacy without the use of harmful chemicals, isoi provides sophisticated customers with skincare solutions that are carefully formulated to benefit the skin with the use of the best natural herbal ingredients and the highly-precious prime grade Bulgarian Rose Oil.

Formulated based on 40 years of expertise in natural cosmetics, isoi, which stands for “I am SO Intelligent”, the natural Korean skincare brand targets the intelligent consumer who know what is great for her skin and opts to purchase skincare that will be effective for her based on ingredients, and not simply on advertising and branding of luxury cosmetics.

All isoi products are formulated on four principles to bring true change to skin:

  • 0% harmful chemical ingredients
  • Priority on quality ingredients over packaging
  • Minimising skin irritation through the use of natural ingredients
  • Self-recovery abilities and improvement through effective natural ingredientsPRIME GRADE BULGARIAN ROSE OIL

    All isoi products contain prime grade Bulgarian Rose Oil which is chosen for its high levels of vitamin A and C (17 times more than lemons and 20 times more than tomatoes), great penetration ability, excellent skin softening function, and for its ability to protect the skin, delay skin ageing and boost skin vitality. Bulgarian Rose Oil is also suitable for all skin types – even troubled and sensitive skin! Not all Bulgarian Rose Oil are created equal and isoi promises only prime grade Bulgarian Rose Oil – just 1ml of prime grade Bulgarian Rose Oil is extracted from 3,000 roses.


    isoi strongly believes that harmful chemicals can be replaced by luxurious natural ingredients and still retain their effectiveness. Controversial harmful chemicals such as chemical surfactants (SLS, SLES) that are carcinogens and may disrupt skin are replaced with natural alternatives like coco-glucosamine which are considered safe to apply on skin.

Similarly, chemical preservatives like parabens and phenoxyethanol, which may cause allergies and breast cancer, are substituted with patented natural preservatives, such as scutellaria baicalensis extract which allows skincare products to have a shelf life of up to two years and a half years before opening.

isoi is exclusively available at bud Cosmetics and prices range from $59.00 to $118.00.

Check out this link for their retail store outlets :


Got involved in a flower arrangement activity at the ISOI beauty event! ^^


(50ml – $62)
■ Mild exfoliator, dead skin removal
Smaller sized sugar crystals than other sugar scrubs gently remove dead skin cells and sebum.

■ Improved skin elasticity
It adds elasticity to the lip line that wrinkles easily.

■ No harmful chemical ingredients added, Lip & Face Sugar Scrub.
Natural ingredients are not harmful even when they are ingested. Bulgarian rose essential oil, called the rose of roses, provides skin hydration, shine and regeneration.

After wetting your face with warm water, apply pea- sized amount of the sugar scrub over the palm of hand to make lather. Gently massage your face and lips and rinse off.

My Review

I got a sample size of this sugar scrub and honestly thought that it’ll be somewhat similar to many of the sugar scrubs that I’ve tried before. I’ve tried over 20 sugar scrubs in my journey of discovery quality skincare products (yes, I’m a hardcore skincare junkie, great skin starts with skincare!) and this easily comes up as my Top 3 favourites. Its consistency is gooey like honey (and tastes sweet!) and the sugar bits fine like little refined bits of icing sugar. My skin usually flushes red after a scrub since I’ve got sensitive skin, but with this scrub, it left my skin feeling very smooth after exfoliation and supple to the touch. It’s thorough exfoliation with quality natural ingredients that your skin will thank you for. Though on the pricer side, the ISOI range of products have impressed me and you’ll see why in the next few reviews :)



(50ml – $99)
■ Moisturises skin while controlling excessive sebum
As a fresh jelly-type moisturizing cream, it is great for oily/complex skin or summer time since it controls excessive sebum and supplies abundant moisture, you can have moist skin without oiliness. It is a fresh moisturizing cream without any oiliness.

After using a tonic and a lotion, apply 1g of the cream evenly to the skin. Gently massage until absorbed.


My Review

Alright, to be honest, my jaw did kinda drop when I saw the price tag. $99 for a gel moisturiser? However, you only need a small 5cent dollop for the whole face! This tub will take you at least 2 months to finish using :) I have large pores on my nose and cheeks, and honestly, as a beauty blogger here, I do get quite self-conscious of the condition of my skin. After about 2 weeks of testing, I’m very happy to say that my skin’s been looking so good these days that I rarely even use foundation. At the most, just a layer of tinted sunblock and simple eye and cheek makeup to enhance my complexion, like what you see in the photo down below. I will definitely be repurchasing this gel moisturiser because it’s helped to keep my breakouts at bay during this whole entire month of hectic working and blogging schedules.



(35ml – $92)
■ Improvement of uneven skin tone, blemishes and pigmentation (Whitening Function)
While it fills sunken area with moisture, Arbutin and natural vitamins from Bulgarian rose oil, as whitening agents, even out and clear up red skin tone.

■ Quick and gentle soothing serum (Anti-trouble Care)
Natural anti-trouble ingredients including Centella Asiatica prevent clogged pores and quickly calm sensitive skin

■ Continuous supply of moisture (24 hour-lasting skin hydration)
Delivers deep into the skin the natural hydrating ingredients as well as the high quality rose oil in order to provide continuous hydration for 24 hours. increases the skin’s own regenerative power by strengthening the skin’s own protective barrier

*** improve acne-prone skin and remove sunken scars as well as black traces on the skin

After using a tonic, apply 1-2 pumps evenly to the skin and gently pat onto the face until absorbed.


 My Review

This product has become my ALL-TIME skincare favourite. It’s lightened my acne pigmentation so quickly yet gently and has also alleviated the redness around my nose and forehead. The drawback of having fair skin – any redness or skin discolouration shows up very vividly. Here’s my skin after 2 weeks of using the products as mentioned in this post :) Same as per mentioned, just sunblock, concealer for my eyes and just simple makeup all about the cheeks and eyes. I’d have to fork out a quite a sum to re-purchase these products once I’m done but the benefits far outweigh the cost. After all, having healthy skin means wearing less makeup! I rarely buy foundations nowadays since my skin’s been behaving. Instead, I’ve been spending on quality natural skincare that’s been well-researched on and meticulously developed for sensitive skin types like mine. Together with a healthy diet and regular exercise, such quality natural skincare will aid your skin to be at its best state possible. :)


I hope you’ll pop by bud cosmetics retail stores to check out ISOI products! They are my holy grail picks for natural skincare and I’m an avid fan now! :)

Hope the reviews have helped you!



REVIEW: Vitamagra Protein Powder!



Vitamagra Protein Powder has been a favourite addition to my daily diet as it has so many benefits all packed in just a serving (2 tablespoons)!



At just 80 kcal per serving, you’ll be getting a healthy dose of over 30 essential vitamins and minerals for optimal body function as well as prebiotic and probiotic actives to boost intestinal health (healthy detox there!) :)



Basil seeds are added to the mixture too! I haven’t seen any protein powder in the market with such an addition to their protein mix! Basil seeds are beneficial in the following ways:


  • Basil contains many polyphenolic flavonoids especially Orientin and Vicenin. These provide the antioxidant benefits.
  • Basil leaves are rich in many essential oils like eugenol, citronellol, linalool, limonene, citral and terpineol. These provide antibacterial and anti inflammatory benefits.
  • Low in calories and free of cholesterol.
  • High levels of beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, Vitamin A and Vitamin K.
  • Contains good amounts of minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, calcium and magnesium, and vitamins C and folates.
  • Excellent source of iron at 40 percent RDA per 100 grams.

Credits – Read more at:



I love the fact that there’s soy in the mixture and not just whey protein. As a female, I do take a moderate dose of soy products per day for skincare benefits and have seen results over the years. I really can’t say enough good things about this product as I really have nothing much to say about the negative aspects of this product. Perhaps soy in this mixture will be a concern for males? Yet again, Shirowa’s main target group for this product are active female adults who are health conscious and educated about the various aspects of their nutritional health. So with that in mind, in terms of product development, I’d say that they’ve done a good job. Low calorie per serving, highly dense in nutrients and easy to consume! This powder can be sprinkled on salads, mixed in smoothies of all sorts, put in high protein granola recipes in place of flour, mixed into morning coffee or tea drinks, and even soy milk! My favourites are as shown below:


Spinach and banana smoothie! I have this as my post workout snack, before having a heavier meal 2 hours later. The Vitamagra Protein Powder mixes really well with smoothies and adds a smooth soy taste to the drink. Adding it to cold soy milk is one of my favourite ways to consume it too, however, more stirring is needed since the drink is cold.



My high protein granola bars using Vitamagra Protein Powder ! I used this protein powder in place of flour to lower the carbs count per serving. The end product was both tasty and nutritional. I added a couple of dark chocolate bits to curb my crazy sweet treat cravings too. See, eating healthy can be fun and enjoyable too! :)

Visit VMG Nutrition Facebook for more updates on promotions and new products!

Vitamagra Protein Powder – they’re having a 15% discount now! Also, free delivery with purchases over S$30!

I’ve been enjoying my share of the Vitamagra Protein Powder and it’s been my top pick among the bottles and bottles of protein powders that I own at home. The only qualm I have about this product is that it doesn’t come with a serving spoon, so let’s be environmentally friendly and use our own table spoons ya? :) Other than that, I’m so glad that the experts of Shirowa came up with such an outstanding product in terms of nutritional value per calorie count and affordability :)




REVIEW: Hello Beauty Products – Hello Beauty Bust Lifting Essence, Hello Beauty Leg Contouring Essence & Hello Beauty 4 IN 1 Sea Salt Body Contouring Scrub !


Hello Beauty Bust Lifting Essence (30ml)

Today, I’m gonna share with all of you about some of my favourite products from Hello Beauty :) I wanted to review these products as I’ve seen great results from other bloggers who have used these and was intrigued to try them! So first off, here’s the Bust Lifting Essence by Hello Beauty!


I wanted to review this product as I had once used a very effective lifting essence with the Pueraria mirifica root extract as one of its active ingredient before. As it’s formulated in Japan, it’s a very pricey item so I didn’t purchase the full sized then. This one, however, doesn’t break the bank and as a very similar ingredient list as well! Best of both worlds!





Well, which girl doesn’t want to have supple and firm skin from head to toe? :) In my years of beauty blogging, I’ve noticed that ladies tend to forget about their “sisters” when it comes to skincare for that delicate area. I’ve invested in quality skincare in this aspect and have found it to be especially helpful in phases of weight loss. Skin tends to loose its elasticity with weight loss and even on a day-to-day basis due to ageing. The Hello Beauty Bust Lifting Essence (30ml) is priced at a wallet-friendly price yet has the benefits and ingredients of top notch bust lifting products that I have tried over the last 3 years. It is a smooth gel that is lightweight and non-sticky after application. One of the best that I’ve tried so far :)


Hello Beauty Leg Contouring Essence (150ml)



great mix of ingredients! I’ve spent $80 on a very similar product before (it’s a french drugstore brand) and honestly, this works so much better than the one I had back then. At a fraction of the price too!


Hello Beauty 4 IN 1 Sea Salt Body Contouring Scrub (250ml)






RIGHT: 3 days of daily usage of Hello Beauty 4 IN 1 Sea Salt Body Contouring Scrub (250ml) and Hello Beauty Leg Contouring Essence (150ml)

LEFT: Control test, nothing used on it for 3 days

Verdict: The first thing that I noticed about my right calf was the firmness of the skin. The left calf, as you can already tell, seems more bloated then the one on the right. The in-shower experience with the Hello Beauty 4 IN 1 Sea Salt Body Contouring Scrub (250ml) was amazing. The combination of the fine salt bits coupled with the cooling sensation of the gel mixture made me feel very relaxed and of course, as with many quality salt body scrubs, my skin felt baby smooth. This body scrub isn’t as abrasive as the highly raved ones from The Body Shop, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin and it doesn’t sting my skin at all even when I had a bout of sun burn issues on my legs. Exfoliating the skin is key for baby smooth skin! The Hello Beauty Leg Contouring Essence (150ml) was impressive too. The thick gel formula seeps quickly into the skin and leaves a cooling sensation to cool and relax the muscles and skin. It’s perfect for those hot and humid nights here in Singapore and it’s gradually becoming my go-to before important events or whenever I’m wearing a short dress. It does do what it claims to do, as I have consistently seen results with regular use. All these products are beauty maintenance items which require regular use for maximum results. Ladies who’re on a weight loss plan will find these products useful as they are gentle on the skin yet are able to deliver firming and slimming results :)



Exclusive discount code for all my readers! Head over to Hello Beauty Online Store and key in “Y1410AY” at the shopping cart page to enjoy 10% off your purchases! :)

SHOP HERE >> Hello Beauty Online Store

Items mentioned in this post are as follows:

Hello Beauty 4 IN 1 Sea Salt Body Contouring Scrub (250ml)

Hello Beauty Leg Contouring Essence (150ml)

Hello Beauty Bust Lifting Essence (30ml)

There’re many informative visuals and before-after photos on the product webpages, so do check them out! :)