REVEAL: Dare to be Flawless April 2015 Bellabox – THE LAST BELLABOX EDITION in Singapore :(



Before I start on reviewing this month’s Bellabox, I just wanna share that this is Bellabox SG’s final edition of Bellaboxes here in Singapore :( They’ll be shifting their business to Australia, where Bellabox first started. I’m really heartbroken to see this awesome company go, especially since I’ve been working closely with this beauty box brand since it first started in Singapore 3 years ago. I remember the first Bellabox event that was held at Artistiq, which was also one of my first few beauty events that I’d attended back then when I had just embarked on my journey of beauty blogging. The Bellabox team was always very friendly and warm, and with every subsequent event, they’d surpass all of the attendee’s expectations with bags and bags of top notch products for us to review and try. I enjoyed the supportive culture that they had for us fellow beauty bloggers and would hereby like to thank the Bellabox Singapore team for doing such a great job all these years! I’ve seen comments on their Facebook Page mentioning that Bellabox is one of Singapore’ best beauty boxes around. I completely agree. Despite some misses here and there, Bellabox has always been able to enable me to try out new skincare and beauty products that I would not have tried if not for their recommendation in each month’s box. The monthly boxes have always been in pristine condition upon delivery and I love how I can give my honest opinions freely here on my blog without any pressure or scrutiny. Thank you Bellabox Singapore! <3


Alright, let’s get started on the review! It took me 1 week to test out all the products! :)




Discount coupons are always appreciated! :) Save some money on full sized products!



The Elixir 79 gives the hair a very nourished, shiny finish. I prefer to use this on dry hair as the serum deeply hydrates my dry hair ends. I find my hair to be much straighter and more manageable with this hair serum/oil. It’s of a honey-like texture, very gooey but strangely, it doesn’t feel oily at all on the hair ends. No clumps, no knotting of hair, just smooth and shiny hair all day long :)



I didn’t exactly like this cushion foundation as it’s quite dewy on my skin. It’s be perfect to wear in Korea though, where the air there tends to be cooler and drier. Now we all know why Koreans can rock that dewy, porcelain look :) Singapore’s hot and humid weather is a disaster for such a pretty makeup look :(



I personally already own a full sized of the VDL Lumilayer primer and have found it to be most ideally paired with a cushion type foundation. If you’re to use any sort of semi-matte or matte foundation, it’ll totally cancel out the pearly, purplish effect that it has to the skin. This primer acts as subtle contour to the face by reflect light at all angles of the face, giving the face a more 3D look. I’m quite on the fence with this product as I’ve found it perfect for photo taking sort of makeup looks but performs terribly when it comes to oil control. I guess this is why we always advised to buy different products for different uses.



This eye cream is highly hydrating but doesn’t do much more other than that. I like to use this at night when I’ve taken off my makeup. Though it doesn’t depot or tighten the skin, it sinks much faster into the skin around my eyes to hydrate the entire eye area quickly. After 10 years of trying to find the perfect eye serum or eye cream for myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is none in the market :( I do have my top few favourites but they aren’t as good as they claim to be. Passable, but not unexpectedly impressive. I’ll update the blog here if I ever do find an outstanding eye serum or eye cream product. This one here is passable and a great deluxe sample size for travel :)



I’ve been using Belief products for a while now to know that their products do work, especially their whitening range. I do not like the whitening essence as it’s far too heavy and thick for our climate here in Singapore. The rest are quite good for the price point and I noticed results after a few days. I’ve never been sponsored by Belief before but have purchased their products for myself because of the rave reviews that I’ve been seeing thus far. This is one of my go-to skincare brands. I highly recommend them!



I used to use this toner very regularly! Dr G.’s Aquasis series has always been one of the top sellers at Sasa beauty stores! Beauty assistants have always told me that this toner doesn’t just hydrate, it reduces redness in the skin due to inflammation or irritation. My skin not been at its best for a long while now, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see this old time favourite again in this month’s Bellabox! Am locing it and will repurchase the full sized one again soon!

Thank you Bellabox SG for this final Bellabox! :)




REVIEW: Spring Green Tea by Tealy, Exclusive Discount Code included! :)



Hello there friends! I’ve been obsessing over this particular brand of green tea from Tealy, called the Spring Green Tea!

Spring Green Tea is a seasonal tea blended once a year and will not be made again until the same time the following year. The taste profile of this tea is that of refreshing, smooth and crisp! I love having this in the mornings! The first harvest of this tea generally occurs in early March to May. The Spring Green Tea is known to have a bright, luminescent green colour, coupled with a pronounced sweetness.



Each pack comes with a secure ziplock to ensure prolonged freshness of every tea bag :)



Here’s how it looks like after just 3 mins of brewing! Pretty, isn’t it? I LOVE IT OMGGG! ^^ I collect many types of green tea and have loads to choose from in the morning. However, Spring Green tea from Tealy is always my favourite tea to drink! I’m already on my second packet now :) That’s how much I love drinking this tea! It’s got a mixture of Sencha Green Tea leaves and green tea powder. I’m a crazy matcha lover, so I guess it’s no wonder why I’m enjoying this tea so much.



You may head over to Tealy : to buy this tea & enter this exclusive code for 20% off <TYV1504002> your purchases there! I’m gonna stock up on mine soon! :)

Smile & stay healthy!




ETUDE HOUSE Enamel ting Gel Nails & Stay Up Foundation




Launching this month, the revolutionary new concept in DIY manicures allows you to have beautifully manicured nails in the comforts of your own home.

In true ETUDE HOUSE style, the collection also comes in 35 vibrant colors to mix, match and play with!

The Enamel ting Gel Nails Collection comes with the following products, sold individually:

  • Enamel ting Gel Nail Colors in 35 shades ($9.90 each)
  • Enamel ting LED Gel Lamp ($99.00)
  • Enamel ting Gel Nail Cleanser ($5.90)
  • Enamel ting Gel Nail Remover ($5.90)



Here’s what the model had on her nails in just under 10 minutes! So glossy and vibrant!

IMG_2195Majority of us beauty bloggers there were obsessed over the Salted Caramel Palette ^^ The orange-gold eye shadow colour is beautiful and brings out the warmth in our dark brown eyes!



Etude House also launched the Stay Up Foundation Series too :) I like how strong the pigmentation is despite the reasonable pricing. Affordable foundations like these usually come out looking really sheer and oily, but these are semi-matte and only requires a small dollop for the entire face. Impressive.



Ivory is still too light for my skin tone and I’d have gone for Beige if I were to purchase this for myself. Since these were included in the goodie bag, here’re some swatches for you to consider before purchasing. These make really good highlighters for the face too! I’m using Ivory whenever I’m out for photoshoots :) These photograph very well with minimal white cast seen on the face and stays up on my humid weather. Best applied with a beauty blender sponge, these highly pigmented foundation products will cover most imperfections for a flawless finish. I personally would advice a good moisturiser to go onto the skin before using such a product, so as to minimise the chances of any streaking due to dry patches of skin.

Etude House always has pretty cool products that are very affordable and pretty to display! I have been a member with them for quite some time and have always loved their cosmetics range. Swatch away at the store & I’m sure you’ll find something affordable and pretty to bring home with you :)

Stay beautiful! <3





REVEAL: Bellabox March 2015 Fifty Shades of Pink!




Revised Information:

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum
A moisturizing concentrate for dehydrated skin, its refreshing melt-in texture is enhanced with Aquagenium® patent to biologically revitalize skin’s natural hydrating ability. For soft, radiant, rejuvenated skin in time.
40ml / $49.90




I love how the shampoo smells! Asience Haircare products always smell so lovely!



This is one of the few Bioderma products that I didn’t like. Their new cleansing milk is amazing though! For this one, it just sat on my skin and made my t-zone look oily :( Am not too sure why my skin reacted in such a way when this product should’ve been ideal for my skin type. Oh well, a miss then!



White teeth! I like Bellaboxes with toothpaste products! Great for travelling around with!



I’d high hopes for the Benefit Roller Lash mascara as many have said that it’s one of the best non-waterproof mascaras out there! I agree! It’s not my top favourite as I’m an avid fan of water proof mascaras, however, the curling properties of this mascara is worth mentioning. Its formula actually helps the lashes to curl upwards upon application and have it stay there all day. I’ve tried this on my bottom lashes and absolutely loved the results as it made my lower lashes look so doll-like. Upper lashes wise, it’s a hit and miss on some days, mainly because my lashes are so stubborn straight that it’d need a waterproof mascara formula to keep the curl in place for the day. This isn’t a must-buy product for me, but if i’d to choose a non-waterproof mascara to use, this will be my top pick!



I can’t even explain how much I love this mask. IT MADE MY SKIN SO GLOWY AND SUPPLE! I was such a happy girl looking at my skin in the mirror ^^ It’s sorta expensive at $70 odd for 6 pieces, and I honestly have no idea where exactly to purchase this (but I will hunt it down online somewhere :) ) , but I highly recommend this mask to anyone who has full and dehydrated skin. Best hydrating mask that I’ve tried. My skin was soaking up the essence so quickly that I was a shade lighter than my neck when I took the mask off. :D Talk about a potent and effective mask that hydrates your skin so well that it brightens up immediately after 20 minutes :D #ineedthisinmylifenow






This tea has to be my favourite summer time drink! It’s a seasonal green tea freshly imported from Japan! The taste is very refreshing and crisp, great to go along with some light desserts during teatime. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of these soon from Tealy :)



I’m a happy girl after finding some gems from my Bellabox this month! As always, Bellabox always introduces me to some of the best products out there in the market that I may not have had the chance to try should they not have included it in my monthly box. Through Bellabox over the past years, I’ve discovered so many beauty holy grail items that have benefitted my skin and overall health. Thank you Bellabox!

To subscribe, visit their website at :)

Stay beautiful, lovelies! <3




REVIEW: Environ Intensive Revival Mask

IMG_4463 IMG_4464

Product Description: The Intensive Revival Masque is formulated with alpha hydroxy acids which help to hydrate and rejuvenate skin giving it a younger, fresher appearance. It has 3 key ingredients, namely:

  1. Asiatic Acid
    Used for centuries in ancient traditional healing, research has shown that it stimulates growth factors which are important for skin regeneration.
  2. Lactic Acid
    A powerful promoter of the natural hydrating factors in the skin and is known to lighten uneven skin tone and smooth the skin’s surface
  3. Mandelic Acid
    Has powerful anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone.

Suggested direction of application :


My Review:

This mask has been a life-saver whenever I’m breaking out really badly or when my skin just looks like crap from the lack of sleep. The photo above shows how my skin looks like after 3 weeks into using this product twice a week. The skin feels very smooth and supple after leaving it on for 20minutes, and makeup glides on beautiful with no dry patches or itchy skin. Granted, I did condition my skin to AHA products prior to using this mask, as such, I didn’t have any reddish patches on my skin. I’d recommend for first-time users to slowly ease into the AHA mask regiment, with a once a week usage and slowly building it up to twice or even thrice. Sunblock is a MUST-HAVE when you are on such a skincare regiment, unless you plan to suffer from blotchy sunburnt skin :X AHA products do increase the skin’s sensitivity, so it’s important to keep sunblock products on the skin during the day. I personally enjoy the SKII Cellumination UV Surge SPF30++ as it as whitening properties to amp up the clarity of my skin in addition to protecting my skin. I’d want to to purchase this mask again and I have personally recommended this to many friends who want soft, clear skin over the next few weeks. I like it enough to go through the hassle to track down the retailer that has this, and would most probably be picking up other products form their skincare line as well :)


4/5 , a must-try! 1 point taken off as it isn’t convenient to purchase at local drugstores. I was told to PM them on their FB page to find out about the various authorized retailers that sell these amazing products.

Environ Singapore FB Page: