Embroidered Brows & Permed Lashes at Browtisan by Coco!



I was back at Browtisan by Coco to do my brows and get my natural lashes permed. As a very busy working adult, I really don’t have the luxury of time to spend more than 10minutes on my an entire face in the mornings. As such, these beauty sessions were something that I’d always wanted to go for. Trust me, a good pair of brows and a set of permed fluttery lashes would save you so much trouble making up early in the morning.





Numbing cream on for 30 minutes. Excited to reshape my brows :) Eyebrow embroidery usually lasts 6 months or so, before touch ups are needed. I just wanted to have straighter brows as my natural set of brows are more arched. Coco was skilled enough to increase the height of my brows at the first third portion and straighten the arch at the second third portion. I trust her skills as I’ve had all my brows and lashes done by her and have been a satisfied happy girl after every session. Her schedule is pretty packed already, so do call Browtisan up for an appointment asap if you’re interested :)


Coco and myself. The brows will be a lot darker on the first day and will gradually fade. I don’t have any makeup on in this photo so you can see the real effect of having a set of groomed brows on a bare face. :) Well…yeah, that’s how I look like without makeup :)



A set of cling-wrap like plasters will be given, in addition to a vial of a gel to help heal the little incision wounds. It sounds scary but really, the slight tingle fades in just 24 hours. After that you won’t even feel a thing until you apply the wound repair gel. I love that gel, works amazingly well on my skin!

To watch close up video of my brows after the entire procedure, you may visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10202047669752363&set=vb.1805208671&type=2&theater





Changed my hair colour to a darker shade to match my brows ^^ Yup, those are my natural lashes after perming done at Browtisan! No mascara needed! I do have long lashes but they point straight down and are very resistant to curl whenever I use my eyelash curler. I no longer need to spend time curling my lashes and smearing my eyeliner all over my lids in the process of doing so! I love that I get to wake up to a set of brows that frames my face well. These brows are just as they are, with nothing filled in. The effect is very natural and soft, especially after Day 3.



These are my lashes and brows on Day 4 :) I absolutely love them! ^^ Visit Browtisan today to book your appointment with them! They’re the best beauty place to go to for lashes and brows. I’ve been to so many and paid hundreds, yet nothing comes close to theirs. :)

Browtisan FB Page



Review: The MOST EXPENSIVE Skincare I’ve Ever Used – S$549 per bottle!


For a detailed explanation of how this product works, please visit : http://www.lacolline-skincare.com/CellularNightElixir/index.html#


  • For skin in need of comfort and vitality, Cellular Night Elixir is a sublime revitalizer
  • Skin is nourished : 90%*
    Thickness of the epidermis is improved by 23%**
    4 time more concentrated
* Self-evaluation test conducted on 33 women after application of Cellular Night Elixir for 28 days. Percentage of positive responses.
** Clinical test conducted on ex-vivo skin explants after application of Cellular Night Elixir.


In essence, this product has a 1/3 lipids and 2/3 aqueous formula that stimulates the skin to undergo a process of collagen, elastin and GlycoAminoGlycans stimulation and repair within the skin’s structure. As such, the skin regenerates and is nourished form the inside, causing an added firmness to the skin, which then results in lifted, refreshed-looking skin.



Directions on the bottle instructed for a thorough shake prior to each use to mix up the two mediums well before extracting it from the bottle. After 5 weeks of testing, I must say that my skin’s been looking rather good these days despite the lack of sleep from my busy schedule. I like the fact that it’s got an oil component to the formula, as it did help to balance my dehydrated, combination skin type well during the course of the 5 weeks. I haven’t had any issue with added breakouts due to the essential oil component so it should be fine for acne-prone skin types. The price tag is a really hefty one and I’m sure it’ll deter some from even giving this a try.

I’d consider this to be a luxury skincare item for the serious skincare enthusiasts who have very high expectations for all that they apply onto their faces. While this ain’t a miracle product, it’s certainly done my skin some good over the course of 5 weeks. Is the La Colline Celluar Night Elixir worth the price tag? I can’t say that I’ll repurchase this because it’s way beyond my budget limit for beauty buys, but if price weren’t an issue at all for me, I’d definitely continue using this product.

For those who’re into luxury skincare, this should definitely be on your to-try list :)

Available at Sasa Outlets only, La Colline is a high-end luxury skincare brand from Switzerland.




REVIEW: Black Label Essence Foundation Series


Cyber Colors proudly launches Black Label Essence Foundation Series, researched and developed in Japan to give you flawless silky skin from within. Infused with precious ancient Chinese herbal extracts, Cyber Colors Black Label Essence Foundation Series is formulated with a blend of precious herbal essences to unveil the natural beauty of Asian women. Much more than a makeup, the Series also tackles uneven skin tone, dehydration, oily skin and other skin problems.

Its delicate and lightweight texture creates the most luxurious and perfect complexion, a skin glowing with charm and youth. With each application, your skin is regenerated to a new radiance with an even complexion that shines with youthful beauty.




RP: $69.90

Its rich and nourishing, though never sticky, texture effectively smoothes out fine lines, diminishes pores, pigmentation and all other imperfections. Delivers a continuous surge of essential hydration, regulates sebum for all-day comfort and coverage and helps skin appear firmer, more contoured and ageless.

Direction for Use: After applying Black Label Essence UV Moisture Base, apply evenly on face and neck by sponge or foundation brush.

Available in 3 shades:

01 Ivory
02 Natural
03 Beige


My Review:

This is my go-to everyday foundation as it’s an almost full coverage foundation that does”t feel cake on the skin and neither does it dry my skin out. I used to be very wary of cream foundations because they’d always break me out and slide off my face by the end of the day. This one by Cyber Colours is an outstanding product that delivers what it promises to do – high coverage, provides skincare benefits and regulates sebum production. I only need to do one touch up every 6-8 hours and I rarely need to use any concealer except for the area underneath my eyes. A must-buy if you’re interested in trying something from this range!





Ginseng Extract

Contains ginseng saponin, polysaccharides and vitamins, rich in nutrients to promote skin cell renewal, boost skin regeneration, strengthen skin structure and maintain skin elasticity.

Cordyceps Extract

Provides antioxidant functions; helps slow down cell aging, brightens up dull complexion and keeps skin young and healthy.

Reishi Extract

Effectively enhances micro-circulation, hydrates and smoothens skin.

Angelic Extract

Works at a deep dermal level to promote blood circulation and enhances metabolism, leaving skin soft and tender.




RP: $55.90

Formulated with Pore Gradation Powder, this moisturizing and lightweight liquid foundation blends into the skin with perfect evenness for the look and feel of bare skin. Herbal essence infuses skin with nutrients and moisture, leaving it smooth, soft and conditioned. Prevents melanin production and pigmentation.

Direction for Use: After applying Black Label Essence UV Moisture Base, apply evenly on face and neck by sponge or foundation brush.

Available in 3 shades:

01 Ivory
02 Natural
03 Beige

My Review:

The liquid foundation has a very smooth consistency to it that gives light to medium coverage, which are great for days when I just don’t want to wear a whole lot of makeup. It’s slightly more yellow toned than the cream foundation and doesn’t hold up as well as the cream foundation. I don’t find myself reaching for this one on weekdays as I need a foundation that is long wearing and high coverage to help save me some time during the morning rush. However, if I were in a very cold climate and in need for a semi dewy foundation with medium coverage, this liquid foundation will definitely be one of my top choices :)




RP: $49.90

Silky smooth, extremely fine and comfortable. Its soft-focus and skin-perfecting formula diffuses light and gives skin a flawless finish. Complexion glows with natural radiance, appears fresh and luminous all day long.

Direction for Use: After applying Black Label Essence UV Liquid Foundation or Cream Foundation, use a makeup puff or brush to apply the powder lightly onto face for long-lasting makeup.

Available in 2 shades:

01 Lucent
02 Natural


My Review:

I was surprised that this loose powder actually looks and feels more matte that if the pressed powder version were to be dusted on my face! The powder is very finely milled and feels silky soft on the skin. Doesn’t settle into fine lines but does dry out the skin a little if you cake on too much, as per any kind of loose powder with a tiny bit of coverage. I like to use this on my T-zone to prolong the wear of my makeup :)



This is how my skin looks like after using the liquid foundation and loose powder :) No concealer used except for my underage areas. I totally need more sleep to get rid of those dark eye circles :D




RP: $55.90

A skin-loving textured compact combines Complex Powder and Moisturizing Powder that builds up a moisturizing film on your skin and controls excess sebum. Micro Powder reflects light and brings radiance to dull, uneven-toned and lifeless skin. Dark eye circles, wrinkles and pores are diminished.

Direction for use: For touch-up, gently dab sponge onto face to remove excess sebum, then apply the foundation by sponge onto skin, pressing lightly.

Available in 3 shades:

01 Ivory
02 Natural
03 Beige

My Review:

This is my favourite powder to use for touch ups! It’s very similar to what Laura Mercier has, except with higher coverage. It can still get cakey if you pile layers and layers on, but with a large powder brush and a light dusting, this product makes the skin look velvety smooth. The compact comes with a handy separation flap to place the powder sponge and overall, the entire packaging feels sturdy to the touch.





REVIEW: Tealy Christmas Bundle Gift Set

The Tealy team is proud to present their Tealy Christmas Bundle Gift Set: IMG_2125 To celebrate this festive season, Tealy is coming up with a special offer bundle, which is the “The Tealy Christmas Bundle Gift Set” (http://www.mylanderpages.com/tealy/tealy). This promotion allows customers to combine a Tealy tea along with a Japanese from a selected range of choices while enjoying a 15% discount! IMG_2126 IMG_2127 If you need more information on our products, please refer to the Tealy website (http://www.tealy.com.sg).

enjoying my peach green tea in bed! it tastes AMAZING with honey added in! best tea ever! :) #tealover smooth and refreshing~ not tart or bitter at all :)

enjoying my peach green tea in bed! it tastes AMAZING with honey added in! best tea ever! :) #tealover smooth and refreshing~ not tart or bitter at all :)

In conjunction with this promotion, Tealy will be launching a Facebook campaign titled “#MyTealy” on the 2nd December 2014. Fans and customers are able to participate in a facebook posting competition, with the main objective of gathering positive feedback through fans posting photos or comments alone on our Tealy page!   Tealy will be rewarding the top 3 posts with the most likes a Christmas Bundle Gift Set! (Postage fees on Tealy :D) Please like their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/tealy) and participate in the #Mytealy Facebook Campaign! For my readers here, here’s an extra 5% discount on a purchase of the Christmas Bundle Gift Set! Simply key in discount Code, Charissa – XS141200K, to enjoy the discount! I’m loving my tea here!   IMG_2183 Cheers and have a Merry Christmas! xoxo, Yvette

REVEAL: Bellabox Dec 2014, Ring the Christmas Belles!






Curel was my go-to skincare range when my skin reacts badly from certain medications. It does what it says it will do – simple yet effective skincare that soothes and hydrates the skin. I like the fact that this skincare range is dermatologically certified to be effective even on the most sensitive skin types. I’ve tried every skincare product in their range and love their lip balm, moisture lotion I and cleanser.



Uriage definitely deserves more rave reviews. I’ve tried a couple of samples from them before when I purchased their thermal water spray and found them to be just as good as Vichy and La Roche Posay skincare products.



Laura Mercier has the best foundation primers for dry, wrinkled skin types. My grandma’s skin looks amazing when I include this in her makeup routine. Yep, le granny’s pretty cool, we do dress up together just because we think it’s fun to walk around the house looking all put together! ^^



I’ve heard SO MUCH about Juice Beauty on youtube! I mean, if Fashion Vloggers are talking about it too other than the Skincare Gurus, it must be something really good right? I’m gonna try it in a while, and I’m having high hopes for this!


Overall, this box definitely packs a punch in the skincare department but cosmetics wise, it’s sorta lacking. I was quite surprised, because Bellaboxes towards the end of the year do usually include a shimmery makeup product or two to add to the festive cheer. Fun christmas parties and such :) Yet again, having great skin is the way to go in the long run, so I’m guessing that the Bellabox team must’ve wanted to encourage us ladies to pamper our skin to keep it youthful and bright for this Christmas season! :)

Wow, this’s the last Bellabox for the year 2014! Time flies uh? I’m certainly grateful for so many things this year and I can’t wait for the next Bellabox in Jan 2015 to start off the year on a fun and cheerful note :)

Have a wonderful Christmas, lovelies! <3