Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming Night Gelly Review


DIY project: name card holder from the cardboard packaging of this product! I’ve got 2 here because I bought 4 tubs of this product! ^^



Product Name Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming Night Gelly
Retail Price S$21.90 on the Naruko Sg Online Store
The Good 1)   Absorbs very quickly into the skin after 30secs of massaging the gel. Do refer to the Naruko poster for more details on application method!

2)   No parabens, against animal testing (yay!) and no artificial ingredients added, making it an ideal product for sensitive skin, sites of infected blemishes as it doesn’t irritate the skin any further.

3)   Dropper tip, which facilitates easy dispensing of the product.

4)   Lemon essential oil extracts and arbutin in the product brightens the skin and promotes radiance.

5)   Quite affordable at about S$22 per tub. I can see myself going through one tub every 2.5 months, which isn’t too bad for the price I’m paying.

6)   Snow White Fungus ingredient is added to ensure that skin stays well hydrated and moisturized to maximize radiance and elasticity levels. Many brightening and firming products have either been too drying for my skin or too thick to be absorbed quickly into my skin.

7)   Smooth gel texture that glides on easily onto the skin for quick refreshing face massage to drain excess lymphatic fluid.


The Bad 1)   Tub packaging. Oh how I absolutely detest skincare products that come in tubs. I prefer packaging that reduces product exposure to the minimum.

2)   The floral scent might not be as pleasant as it should be to every single one of its users. I personally am on the fence about the floral scent as mentioned in the video. Nonetheless, it’s worked well on my skin so I’m overlooking this aspect of it and would just hold my breath a little when applying it. No complains from my mum, who’s using it too, with regards to the smell though, so I believe that it’s subjective to personal preference.

3)   Not readily sold in Watsons outlets, need to buy from Naruko Sg Online Store. That isn’t much of a problem for me since I can earn points on Naruko Sg Online Store through purchases to redeem items next time.



Overall Rating   5 out of 5
Will I repurchase this? Absolutely YES YES YES!

This product has been helping my skin quite a bit in terms of getting rid of water retention, skin radiance and overall skin elasticity. I’ve got a prominent angular jawline, so it’s very easy to tell when I’m having a horrible bloated face early in the morning. I use this product twice a day, morning and night, in replacement of a moisturizer since my skin just needs a light layer of moisture boost twice a day to keep it supple and healthy. The results so far for the past 2 weeks have exceeded my expectations for a Night Gelly product (normally it’s creams that work more effectively in skin firming and brightening) that’s priced below S$25. I’m very happy that this product worked out well for me as I got 4 tubs straight off the Naruko Sg Online Store after watching and reading so many good reviews of this on online forum threads, vlogs, blogs and on the Nu Ren Wo Zui Da Variety live show demonstration. I’ve tried skipping this product for 2 days consecutively and needed to quickly switch back to using it on the third day as my skin looked so dull and “dead”. My skin responded well to the addition of this product back into my skincare routine and I’d be more than happy to continue purchasing this. Personally, I feel that this product works even better than the Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Night Gelly. This product certainly lives up to its hype and awards earned!



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  1. Hey girl, I always enjoy reading your review. Its very clear and to the point.
    I am wondering if you are undergoing any facial with any beautician from any beauty parlour? Your skin looks great and yes, you are young! =)

    1. Hi Winter! :D

      Great to know that you enjoy reading my reviews!^^ thank you for all your support!:D

      Oh, I haven’t had facials for years since I was a teen as I’ve got very sensitive skin and would break out badly from facial sessions that I’d went for. Was advised by my dermotologist to stay away from facials :)

      I do eat a diet that’s very high in anti-oxidants though! I eat large amounts of berries, blue berries in particular, green tea powder mixed in smoothies or yoghurt, etc etc… It’s helped my skin recover faster from acne and does it well in improving my overall skin condition!:D

      Thanks again for leaving that lovely comment!^^

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