About Charissa Yvette


Hi everyone!

Welcome to my beauty/lifestyle website Yvettia.com (pronounced as ee-veh-te-ah)!

I’m Charissa Yvette, 23 years old and am the author of this little web space of mine, where I share my thoughts & opinions about beauty products, skincare products, haircare products, cosmetic contact lenses, online shopping experiences, shopping haul, ….and the list goes on :)

It’s my personal wish and dream for this website to provide some sort of inspiration, help and encouragement to girls and ladies of all ages to be motivated to look and feel beautiful from inside out, hence the name of the website, “Yvettia”, which means beautiful.

Thank you for dropping by Yvettia.com!

Keep smiling & Stay gorgeous! :D



  1. Hi Yvette! I’m so glad to come across your blog =) It’s hard to find Singaporean wordpress beautyblogs, I’m definitely following! I’ve just started out in this blogging and youtube world and am looking for more Singaporean bloggers to follow and interact with on wordpress and was wondering if you knew any! I love the idea of being able to find out more things from each other through blogs but it gets annoying sometimes when you can’t find the product because you are not in the same country! I’m currently studying in UK till June, so I want to know more about the Singapore beauty scene before I come home =))

    1. hello Sianne!
      wow, thank you for your nomination! :D am very humbled by it! ^^
      yup, i’ll be participating it in too! i really enjoy reading your web blog too! :D hope to hang out with you some day soon! :D

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