Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Review!


Being at the forefront of the Korean cosmetic industry, Etude House understands the incessant need for easy-to-apply make-up and sun care products by busy Asian women living in hot and humid climates. As such, this 6-in-1 Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion has been developed with whitening, sun-protection (SPF 34/PA++), wrinkle care, moisturising, sheer coverage and skin-cooling properties.


Unlike other cushion foundations available in the market, Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion is the first of its kind in its category that also serves as a colour corrector and primer in a cushion form. Available in three different types, each Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion is customised to suit a specific skin need for sheer coverage with a dewy finish. Magic Pink restores instant radiance to pale skin complexion for a healthy glow; Magic Mint conceals blemishes and neutralises redness of the skin to attain the perfect skin condition; Magic Peach covers uneven skin tone and brightens up the dull skin for a natural refined look.


Whether it is to be used on its own or as a makeup base to prep the skin for foundation application, every busy woman can now ‘magically’ achieve her desired toned up and dewy-looking skin with this new multi-functional and fuss-free Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion.

Price: S$29.00 each. Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion is NOW AVAILABLE at all Etude House Singapore stores




Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion_Product Group ShotScreen Shot 2014-06-05 at 5.51.53 pm



Here’s me using the Magic Peach under Sulwhasoo’s perfecting cushion foundation product :) I used Magic pink as a highlighter over my blush colour! Just look at that hue on the cheeks! Pretty right? :)




I used Magic Pink over the entire face before using Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Perfection Foundation. It gave me a youthful glow all night that I got lots of compliments for at the beauty event that I attended that night :)

I have been testing all 3 colours as a primer or finishing highlighter for the last 3 weeks. I love this colour correcting concept as I have dull skin from all the sleepless nights from rushing projects and reddish parts of my skin from acne scarring or colds. The compact is refillable and the air cushion sponge that comes with it disperses the product on the skin very evenly and coats the skin very lightly without making the next layer of foundation cake up. The packaging is stellar too, for the cutesy themed products that Etude House always scores with their monthly launches. The only drawback is that it can make your face appear white if you pile on too much. So just remember, this is a colour corrector, NOT foundation. So apply only what you need in small amounts and then bump the intensity up on areas that need some serious colour correcting. Fresh and dewy skin can only be possible when you make an effort to not pile on even thick layers of makeup. Spot concealing is key and to top things off, keep the cheeks area powder free for that natural glow on top of your blusher colour as the wear of your makeup prolongs throughout the day. That’s my main tip for glowing skin :) Of course, skincare is very much needed for a pretty face too! Drink lots of water and don’t forget you facial masks and serums! I’m currently on tea detox diet using SkinnyMint tea and have found it to have made my skin clear up much faster than before.

Do give these adorable and effective products a try at the Etude House counters! My top picks are the Magic Pink and Magic Mint ones! Those are great for everyday makeup and for ladies who have redness under the eyes and who have reddish acne scarring :)



Makeover at Estee Lauder!


Yay! I finally and a total face makeover by a korean makeup artist at Estee Lauder Robinsons! ^^ Have been in love with ombre lips! Here’re some tips that I jotted down from the session:

1) Use Estee Lauder’s ANR serum as a overall “highlighting” skincare step to reduce the look of a powdery face. Dewy skin is the main focus this season! Use the serum before and after makeup!

2) Colour the inside of the lips with a pigmented lipstick with a lip brush, and then end off with a sparkly transparent lipgloss for a full ombre lip colour effect that’s long-lasting and beautiful!

3) Reduce foundation, use only what is needed. I was using Estee Lauder’s double wear foundation and had the tiniest amount that fully covered the minor flaws on my skin. The rest were concealed with double wear concealer. A little goes a long way! Little amounts will enable skin to feel light and fresh all day.

4) Never ever skip eye serum and eye cream before makeup. It helps to plump up the thin skin around the eyes and enables makeup to adhere much better!

5) Blush should only be applied LAST after the lip colour. Yes, LAST! It is a finishing touch to the skin, and enables you to have better control of the hue of the colour on your cheeks for that all natural makeup look.


I’d that face of makeup after 3 hours with NO touch ups. No filters here. Gosh, I need more of such awesome makeup artists in my life! ^^ Hope these tips have helped you!




Elizabeth Arden Summer Collection 2014


Leave the bustling city behind on the tranquility of a sailboat, where you can ease into warm relaxation. Escape to the gentle swaying of ocean water, soft salty breezes, sun-filled days and beautiful, golden sunsets. Inspired by the alluring colors of the ocean, the Escape Makeup collection captures a mix of sandy neutrals and vivid maritime hues for an effortlessly elegant look.



heart attack, can i just stop and tell you HOW PRETTY THE PACKAGING IS?! The top picks for me are definitely the lippies! The coral shade’s a true orange toned coral with just a tinge of pink, so it’ll look perfect on asian skin tones that are a lil more on the sallow side. Just beautiful~


Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Makeup SPF 15PA++ – Natural, breathable formula that blends into a woman’s skin for a natural look and easy application. Luxurious light weight formula wears like a ‘second-skin’ to feel as comfortable as your own skin and lasts all day. Smooth and evens your skin while reducing the look of pores immediately and over time. Boosts moisturization and leaves skin with a perfectly even-toned glow.


I’m in the shade #4 Cream Nude. Do know that these shades do NOT go according to the lightest to the darkest number order sequence. So shade #5 may not be much darker than shade #4, it’s just a slight difference in undertone. It’s really confusing for me at first, but hey, who doesn’t try out the foundation colour first before purchasing? We all do swatches right? :) Or at the very least, ask for the SA’s help at the beauty counter! They’re there to help you :)

The coverage is light to medium, and it gives off a very beautiful glow on the skin. Think YSL touché éclat liquid foundation but with more coverage. Yup, this girl here loves this foundation already. The makeup trend now’s to have glowing skin! Korean stars all have radiant glowing skin even with makeup, don’t they? :)







AND…. I WON THE PRIZE FOR BEST MAKEUP LOOK OF THE NIGHT using all of EA’s makeup products!^^ Thank you


Stephen Gaskett, Elizabeth Arden Australia National Makeup Artist & myself! ^^



Lovely company at the event! Makeup’s always more fun with awesome friends!


I haven’t received the Flawless Finish Correcting and Highlighting Perfector yet, so no in-depth review for that as for now. However, I can definitely say that it is a very close dupe for YSl’s touché éclat highlighter, shades wise, texture wise and even coverage! Price point’s slightly more affordable too!

Do check out the makeup collections at Elizabeth Arden! They haven’t been getting the much deserved rave reviews on many sites, but I’m definitely impressed with the quality and price point of their products! :)



REVEAL: Get Active Bellabox May 2014












This Vitamin C tablets are chewable ones that taste slightly tangy and yummy! Easy way to get some decent vitamins in to start of a busy day at school!~






The combination of the above 3 haircare products have made my hair look fantastic these days. Especially the shampoo and mousse conditioner, YES you read it right, MOUSSE conditioner! It comes out as a very very dense and thick foam that disintegrates into a smooth liquid upon contact with cleansed wet hair. After leaving it on for 2-3mins, rinsing it off thereafter, the hair is left feeling soft and looking very shiny. A MUST-BUY! <3







This is me wearing the Balm’s cheek and lip cream palette colour in Pie as well as the Dr Jart’s BB Bounce Beauty Balm! ^^

I’ve enjoyed the large majority of this month’s items and I’ve found some holy grail items to purchase at the bellabox e-store!

Head over to their website to subscribe today!  :)

Stay beautiful this summer! <3



Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel Review!


Clinque’s 3-step anti-blmeish skincare routine!

Clinique anti-blemish clearing gel, retails at S$35 for 15ml, S$52 for 30ml

Clinique anti-blemish clearing gel, retails at S$35 for 15ml, S$52 for 30ml


lovely package from clique! Thank you! <3 the oil-control cleansing mask (S$50 for 100ml) totally sped up the healing process of my blemishes when paired with the Clinque clueing gel! The blush in Peach Pop, well it's made its way into my top fav few blushes!

lovely package from Clinique! Thank you!


the clearing gel is a fully transparent liquid that dries into a thin film on the blemish. I’ve had really good results with this product! see the next photo!




1st day, 2nd day and 1 week after applying Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel twice a day. I’m pretty fair so blemishes may go off but the reddish bits still remain for quite a few weeks :( I’m pleased to tell you that with this product, I experienced minimal scarring, no itching, no intense burning like putting benzyl peroxide (gosh i hate that spot treatment product now. it’s so painful to apply :( ) and best of all, this formula is oil-free and has been proven to promote healing and prevent future breakouts just like effective topical prescriptions for acne. Fleur from FleurdeForce youtube channel (famous UK beauty blogger) mentioned this as her skincare favourite of the month and to be honest, I was skeptical at first. But after trying this out, I’m sold. It’s really effective on treating your red inflamed skin after a facial as it brings it right down to almost nothing the next day, it stops weeping blemish wounds after extraction and prevents scarring thereafter, it also helps to reduce the soreness of hormonal acne! It won’t bring hormonal acne right down to nothing the very next day, but it certainly will clear it up in 5-7 days. That’s better than the usual 10-14 days for me! It’s halved the time for that healing process of stubborn acne and I’m so glad to have given this product a try in my daily skincare routine. Back acne, know summer is coming and we all want to be pretty in our swim suits? Yep, this product works just as well on annoying bouts of back acne and will not cause your clothes to turn white and bleached like benzoyl peroxide. Wonderful spot treatment for ladies who break out often due to stress, hormonal changes or pimples resulting from product allergies.



Happy skin, happy me!^^ Using this product has changed the way I look at my skin because it heals up a lot faster now when blemishes attack my skin, and I’m less conscious of them even when they creep up on my skin. I just need to get blemishes treated with this product overnight and when I’m up the next morning, a little concealer is all that I need to look presentable again :)



I highly recommend this product if you struggle with acne-prone skin like I do. The reason why I usually break out is due to the imbalance of sebum and moisture levels in my skin, thus my dry combination skin type now. My skin type does require A LOT of work to keep the skin healthy enough so I’m pretty particular with what I use on my skin. My mum has been using Clinique products for the past 30 years and for myself, for the past 7 years and counting. Do give this product a try, after all, it’s reasonably priced and its formula is gentle yet effective on blemished skin.

Keep smiling, beautifuls! <3