REVEAL : Fresh Beginnings Feb 2015 Bellabox

Before we start this post, can i just express how much i love this pack of premium green tea?😍👍 if you’re a fan of matcha green tea, this refreshing antioxidant goodness will not disappoint! Thank you Bellabox for including this in! 

This lip colour matched really well with my Chinese New Year Cheong Sam! ❤️ The peppermint taste was pleasantly unexpected too :) Loves!

 To be honest, I wasnt really a fan of these samples :(  Goodal has a great oil infused cleanser which I highly reccommend!

Anything from Curel doesnt break me out, so I’m not complaining here with these babies :) Summertime hurts my fair skin :( Always good to stock up on quality sunblocks!

I’ve heard quite a lot about this product and am very interested to try this. Full sized too! Bellabox has been really generous to include two full sized items in the Feb Box! 

Overall, I like the whole concept of this box as it preps me for the cheery Spring time!

To subscribe, visit today!



New: Infuusa Cold Brewed Teas! Sweet and tasty at nearly 0kcal per serving!


What’s New for 2015
Infuusa listened to what their customers said:
1. Increase the flavour of each sachet
2. Introduce new flavours
3. Increase sweetness, but keep the low calorie benefits.
  • All Infuusa sachets are 4.5g, up from 3g in 2014 – That’s 50% more ingredients than before
  • Infuusa is now 2x bigger than normal tea bags
  • We have improved the taste of Quad Berry to give a perfect balance of fruity tartness.


Summer Peach is their new flavor for 2015! It is a metabolism boosting infusion that is mildly
caffeinated. Tastes like smooth black tea infused with the juicy flavor of peaches. Infuusa added Stevia leaf to the sachets for a touch of zero calorie sweetness. Stevia is safe sugar substitute that is commonly found in local super markets. They have opted for the most natural version, the leaf itself.
It is also mildly caffeinated, letting you rev your metabolism and burn more calories after your workout! Just pop a sachet into a bottle, give it a good shake, and let the flavours infuse naturally within minutes.
Each pack contains 10 sachets.
Each sachet makes 500 ml of beverage.
Recommended with cold or room temperature water.
Black tea, Black tea extract, Flavours, Stevia leaves


What does QuadBerry taste like? Imagine Ribena without the sugar and you get the idea.
With four different types of berries and apples, this combination gives you a powerful antioxidant punch while you hydrate during exercise, or at any time of the day. This improved version of Quadberry now contains 2x more ingredients and Stevia leaf to give an even better taste.
Just pop a sachet into a bottle, give it a good shake, and let the flavours infuse naturally within minutes.
Each p ack contains 10 sachets.
Each sachet makes 500 ml of beverage.
Recommended with cold or room temperature water.
Apples, Hibiscus petals, Blueberries, Blackberry leaves, Rosehip shells, Flavours,
Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Stevia leaves



My Review:

I personally drink about 3 litres of water a day to keep my skin and overall health in check. As an avid tea lover, I was naturally very excited to have been approached by Infuusa to review their newly improved infusions! More so because they’re now made to taste sweeter and more flavourful! It delights me to see local entrepreneurs coming up with such awesome products! Not only do these teas taste amazing, they are at 0kcal or at 7kcal per 500ml serving. Per sachet is to be steeped in 500ml of cold water. I have tried up to 800ml of water and it still tastes refreshingly sweet. To me, I see Infuusa as one of my everyday go-to choice of tea because it’s packed with vitamins and tastes great. I’ve noticed a more glowy complexion after drinking these teas regularly. Vitamin goodness and healthy hydration levels showed up in my skin ^^ I’ve definitely noticed a happier me when I’m drinking water that tastes good and is indeed good for my body. Anyone who knows me well will know that I am an extremely fussy eater and that I’m pretty difficult to please even with beverages. Infuusa has earned my stamp of approval for my beverage of choice! :) I even bought the huge packs to refill my beverage pantry stash at home!~

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 1.40.00 am

Click this link and copy the discount code to the discount code field to enjoy $5 off any purchase!
Cheers to a healthier you! :) Try Infuusa today, you won’t regret it :)

My Tokyo Star Optical Experience! New spectacles!


Tokyo Star Optical, an optical concept store, was first established in 2004 in Tokyo, Japan.

Currently, Tokyo Star Optical has had 14 concept stores all over Asia since its inception. 13 of its stores are located in major shopping malls such as Aeon, all over Tokyo and its 14th store is located in CityLink Mall, Singapore in November 2014 – the first flagship store outside Japan.


The 786 square foot store adopts a private-label strategy – Tokyo Star Optical produces their own brand of eyewear. Tokyo Star Optical offers 3 fixed package prices – $96, $126 and $156 – includes imported frames and Tokyo aspheric lens. With an extensive range of over 1,200 distinctive Tokyo style elements to choose from, the optical glasses are specially crafted for the avid Tokyo style followers, breathing new life with every frames. Not only are they available in an array of styles, they are also lightweight, with the lightest being a mere 6.5 grams.

Adopting a 3-step process, customers are able to get their glasses with a fast processing time of 15 minutes. It begins when the customers choose their desired frame, followed by the lens and lastly, the case. Should customers seeking expert opinion, they can consult dedicated Tokyo Star Optical’s eyewear advisors for professional advice or assessment. The eyewear advisors guides customers through every step of the process – selecting eyewear that is most suitable to the occasion, meeting customers’ needs and functionality, enhancing their strong features, complementing their overall look and style preference, and lastly comfort and fit.


My Review:

I LOVED the lightweight frames so much! They look effortlessly chic when worn and are definitely a joy to wear since each frame only weighs merely 7grams! I already knew my prescription degree so once I’d gotten my frames chosen, some simple measurements were taken and then in just 8 minutes (yup, i timed them!), I had my new spectacles!



There’s a yellow tint to the lenses as I got the ones that reflect blue light from electronic devices. It’s said to protect my eyes in the long run and after 2 weeks of trial, I must say that these lenses did help protect my eyes as I’m no longer having much of an issue with horrible bloodshot eyes after facing my laptop and iPhone for hours. The tint does show up a little in photos but I’d rather look a little odd than to have a pair of strained, tired eyes :)


Thes spectacles are my all-time favourite and I’m so glad to have gotten them! Thank you Tokyo Star Optical for these amazingly comfortable pair of spectacles! I now look forward to wearing my spectacles everyday! :)

Tokyo Star Optical is located at 1 Raffles Link, #B1-31 CityLink Mall, Singapore 039393 and is open daily from 11am to 9pm. Tel: (+65) 6532 0071

Tokyo Star Optical is also found on:-

– Facebook page:

– Instagram: @tokyostaroptical

REVIEW: Eyelash Extensions done At Browtisan by Coco!



I dropped by Browtisan by Coco to get my eyelash extensions done last week! It’s located at Delfi Orchard, right along where Shaw is along Orchard Road :) Very accessible and convenient for working adults! :) You may check out their Facebook page here :)



These are my lashes before the lash extensions~ I do have long lashes but as with many asian girls alike, I have the same issues with my lashes – lack of volume and fullness of the lashes. So, I opted for 300-320 lashes for the extensions, which would give me a pair of fluttery full lashes that increase in length from the inner corners of the lash line to the outer corners.





They look natural right? :) These are my lashes after 8 days. I’m not the most meticulous person when it comes to eyelash extension after care, so having a very experienced beauty technician was necessary. I was attended to by Coco, the owner of Browtisan, herself and I’ve never loved the look of my lashes more! It’s soft to the touch yet doesn’t fall off as rapidly as with other eyelash extensions that I’ve tried before. The glue didn’t make my eyes itch or red at all! Coco uses a special pair of surgeon eyewear to magnify her span of vision of her clients’ lashes. I’ve never had anyone use such  tool while doing eyelash extension for me, and was glad that she did, because the results at the end were outstanding. My natural lashes were curled first prior to the lash attachment process and it certainly made a difference to the curl and overall neatness of the lash extensions. Browtisan is my favourite eyelash extension salon EVER. I’m planning on going back consistently for their services since having these really natural yet enhancing eyelashes on made my dressing up time in the morning a whole lot shorter. A big plus for the busy ladies out there!



I don’t have any eye makeup in this photo :) I love how the lash extensions create an illusion of an eyeliner across the upper waterline. Makeup always takes less than 5 mins each day and I wake up feeling more put together than just my usual self. Their prices are reasonable for the quality of service and lash extensions that you’ll be getting :)

Call them up for an appointment today! They’re always almost fully booked!



LUSH 2014 Christmas Collection!


Magic Wand Bubble Bar… Make a wish! Vegan. Fairy princesses and princes of all ages will love this re-usable bubble bar that lasts for up to ten bubble baths. Swish it around in the water for a softening, vanilla scented soak and a mound of candy bubbles. Then pop it on the side for use another time, just like magic! Vegan $18.00 //////////// The Christmas Penguin… P-P-Pop in the penguin! Vegan. Pick up The Christmas Penguin for a mood-boosting bubble bath that will set you up for the festivities. The beautiful blend of Orange Flower Absolute and Sicilian Mandarin and Lemon Oils revive and refresh. Crumble under running water to create bubbly glaciers and snow drifts. This bubble bar was inspired by the smallest penguins in the world, which are blue and from Philip Island in Australia. $11.00


As soon as last Christmas was over it began again for the Lush inventors who have been

busying away behind the scenes like little elves creating new innovations and wonders for

your skin and bath, as well as making some of your Christmas favourites even more special!

BATH BOMBS Invented by Mo Constantine OBE in 1987, The Bath Bomb is often imitated,

but none compare to the original. Each one is formulated with the finest ingredients and

essential oils to cleanse both the mind and body :)


NEW Snowman FUN Vegan. For those who were captivated by the Disney film Frozen – ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’- well now you can, complete with scarves and hats! The black coloured FUN is made from carbon black coal, to give your snowman real coal eyes! Scented with the Carrot Soap fragrance we had in our Easter range making you feel seasonal all round, the bar also contains Sicilian Lemon oil and Bergamot Oil giving your bath a fresh and invigorating feel. $18.00



i made this! ^^ french snowman~



Items I got:

1) Santa’s Lip Scrub … Kissable Christmas Lips

The Caster Sugar in this scrub will gently exfoliate away any dry skin from

your lips, whilst the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil moisturises, leaving them

soft and conditioned. This lip scrub has the fragrance of fizzy cola sweets

for delicious tasting kisses, with a hint of festive red. Scrub lips before

applying colour for a flawless pout.


(THIS ONE IS SO GOODDD! tastes like red velvet cake to me!)

2) NEW! So White


For customers that like fresh, fruit and crisp scents, this is the one for you! This

new shower gel shares the extract same fragrance as the So White bath

bomb. With Fresh Apple Infusion, Sweet Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil to clear

the mind and Almond Oil to moisturise the skin, So White will take your

showering experience to a whole new fresher level!

Prices start at $16.00 for 100g

(Smells like apple candy. I finished the entire bottle in two weeks. A treat in the shower indeed!)

3) Snowcake soap


A LUSH classic and bestseller, a slice of Snowcake smells just like the

irresistible almond marzipan on the Christmas cake. Lather up with

gorgeous Rose Absolute, that soothes dry, cracked winter skin and

berry scented Cassie Absolute. Your skin will be left softened and

beautifully scented.

$12.00 for 100g

4) NEW!! Butterbear … A big softy


This friendly and sweet-smelling bear is packed with nourishing Cocoa

Butter and comforting Fair Trade Vanilla, perfect for anyone that loves

a good bear hug!


(this totally adds to the christmas mood! having a bad day? this will totally perk you up in the shower! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!)

5) NEW!! Dashing Santa … Ho Ho Ho to go go go!


His fast, fizzing golden boots will have him dashing around your bath

filling it with citrus essential oils and the scent of satsumas this

Christmas. Toning Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange Flower to boot will

leave you feeling cheerful and uplifted.


(A warm citrus scent that will fill your bath tub with the aroma of christmas! I like!)


Happy Holidays everyone!

Christmas shopping at Lush always adds to the festive cheer so do check them out for more Christmas specials! (and be prepared to spend too! I know that I always do :) )